A Guide to Butt Plugs 2022

Mar 25, 2022

Okay, we understand when you see the word 'butt plugs' you might run for cover. But if you're looking to bring something new to your sex life vibrating butt plugs are the way to go. 

We've created a brief guide to get out everything you need to know about butt plugs and anal vibrators. Scroll on now and get ready to have your innermost fantasies ignited. 

What is a Butt Plug? 

Butt plugs are another form of sex toy specifically made for your anus. It does exactly what you think it will do and that's plug your anus. 

In case you weren't aware your anus has several nerve endings you can use to reach the highest peak of pleasure. There are several reasons you might seek to use a butt plug with the first being as foreplay for anal penetration. 

A butt plug can help prepare your anus for something buffer. Another reason people use butt plugs is that it feels good. For men, the use of anal plug prostate massagers can activate another level of orgasmic pleasure they've never reached before. 

Trust us, the male g-spot is a real thing.

Tips for Using Butt Plugs 

The first tip we have to offer for people that want to incorporate butt plugs into their bedroom is to relax. The key to allowing your anus to expand is to relax and that makes things more pleasurable. 

Our next tip is don't forget to apply the lube. Without lube inserting a butt plug into your anus not only becomes challenging but it can also turn into a painful irritant.  

The more lube you use the better off you'll be. And lastly, after you've finished any type of anal play that includes toys, take time to clean the toys and safely store them. 

When you don't clean your toys, it can lead to infections and the growth of bacteria on your toy which no one wants. 

How Are Butt Plugs Different from Other Anal Toys? 

The variety of anal toys you have at your fingertips is truly vast but the main difference in butt plugs compared to others is that they are usually in the shape of a carrot. The reason for this is to allow slow insertion into the anus at your own pace. 

You can slide in as much or as little as you want to. And there's no need to worry about it disappearing once inserted because most butt plug toys come with a handle that's wide and stays on the outside of your anus. 

Toys to Try 

The first anal toy you might consider using is the exotic vibrator silicone anal butt plug fox tail anal dildo. This is for your inner animal that enjoys getting into a little role play as you prepare to throw it back. 

However, if you want to go for double the stimulation there's something in that department for you too. The silicone 10 speeds anal plug prostate massager vibrator butt plugs 5 beads for men will hit all the right spots every single time. 

Butt Plugs: Unpacking the Backend 

When it comes to butt plugs ensure you take it slow and don't force anything. It also helps if you have a good lubricant to help the butt plug slide in easier. 

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