A Complete Guide to Adult Sex Toys 2022

Mar 25, 2022

Penis. Vagina. Womb. Anus. Breast. Butt. Sex. Orgasm. Bondage. Kinks.

No, this list isn't some college student's search history. It's a list of terms we're going to be using throughout the article to help you understand how various adult sex toys work and can provide an extra bit of spice to your sex life. If you cringed reading through that list, you probably don't have much experience browsing for sex toys. And that's okay!

Our guide will show you how to pick the best adult toys to suit your needs, no matter what gender you present as or play with.

Why Do People Buy Adult Sex Toys?

If you haven't gone shopping for an adult sex toy before, you may have wondered why people buy them. And no, contrary to what many abstinence-only sex-ed programs would have you believe, it's not because there's something wrong with you. In fact, wanting a toy to help manage your libido is a perfectly natural impulse.

Some of the reasons people get sex toys include, but are not limited to:

  • A desire for stronger orgasms
  • Exploring their sexual identity
  • Helping with sexual disorders like ED
  • Because sex toys are less trouble than dealing with Tinder/Grindr hookups

Whatever your reasons, there's no need to feel ashamed for buying a sex toy.

Adult Sex Toys for People With Vaginas

First off, let's discuss the types of adult sex toys available for people with vaginas. Some of these could equally get used for anal sex but would require more preparation than the ones listed under that subheading.

Clitoral Strokers

Clitoral strokes serve a similar purpose to penis strokers in men. These toys are created to apply direct stimulation to the clitoris, often through the simulation of a sucking or flicking sensation. If you've never had a clitoral orgasm before, this can be a very intense experience.

Intense, but enjoyable.


You can find vibrators for use inside the vagina or the anus. Many vibrators intended for people with vaginas can come with clitoral stimulation attachments like these U-shaped toys. A battery and some sort of motor in the vibrator itself allow the toy to vibrate.

Our adult sex toy tip: Try to find vibrators with a wide variety of intensities. That way, you're not stuck with something that's too intense for your first time.


Dildos can be used for self-pleasure or attached to harnesses to pleasure others. These silicon simulacra can come in a variety of shapes, from realistically penis-like to studded, curved, and knotted constructions. For those just starting out, we recommend starting with something small and working your way up as you get more comfortable with using a dildo.

If you're using a dildo on a harness with a partner, make sure they've had plenty of preparation and lubrication before you start to penetrate.

Adult Sex Toys for People With Penises

Next, let's look at some sex toys designed mainly for use by people with penises. Why this turn of phrase? Well, while many who want sex toys for a penis may identify as men, not all of them do. It's important that we acknowledge the beautiful, diverse fruit that is human sexuality.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are stretchy little rings that stop blood flow from returning to the body from the penis. This can lead to longer, harder erections. While there's not much scientific proof behind this, anecdotal evidence suggests that they may even help delay orgasm.

One piece of adult sex toy advice we must offer with cock rings: Apply them when flaccid, not when erect. Your partner will thank you for it.

Penis Strokers

Penis strokers offer almost the exact same type of stimulation as clitoral strokers, but more in-depth and more intense. Most penis strokers cover the full shaft, not just the glans. Depending on the design, they can simulate vaginal or even oral sex.

Understanding the Role of Kinks and Consent

Let's get kinky. Whether you use adult sex toys for your kink play or not, you need to understand why consent is so important, both before and during.

Discussing Kinks Before Sex

No partner enjoys being surprised by a partner's violence in bed. If you want to engage in BDSM or any other common kink, you need to run it by your partner first. If they're not okay with it, then don't try to spring it on them.

Doing so regardless will damage your relationship and their trust in you. It's not worth it.

And, for the record, consenting before sex does not mean they're obligated to keep that consent during. If anything goes off in the middle, they are within their rights to request that you take a break for a time.

Bondage Gear for Beginners

So, if you've cleared it with your partner and want to experiment with BDSM, how can you get started? We don't recommend you go right for the heavy whips and chains. Rather, start with a simple blindfold or silk binding. Test each other's comfort level, and then begin layering on the kinks from there.

Let's Get Anal About Anal

Anal sex, contrary to what some may believe, can be enjoyed by all gender presentations. After all, anuses are like opinions in that everyone has them. Some ways you can have fun with this area include:

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs tend to be the go-to toy when discussing anal sex. They have a somewhat conical shape with a flared base to prevent the toy from getting lost. (Seriously, free adult sex toy tip on us: Don't use something without a flared base in the anus. It won't end well.)

These can prepare you for anal before you move on to something like a dildo or penis.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are ideal for those new to anal stimulation. They start off small and get larger as they go along, providing more girth and length. Use them with a lot (and we mean a lot) of lube, and start small and slow.

Looking for the Best Adult Toys for Newbies? Start Here!

Finding adult sex toys as a newbie can be a daunting experience. We hope our buying guide cleared up some common misconceptions and provided you with more information. No matter who you are or who you're with, our selection of unisex adult toys is sure to please, so check us out and order online today!